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"Giving young people the tools, resilience and the choice to become all they were meant to be."

Welcome To The Life Skills Advisor

As a parent today, it’s normal to worry about your teenage children. You may wonder how they’re handling their emotions or about how well they’re doing academically and how they fit in with their peers.

Young people can often feel as though they’re stuck in a rather overwhelming cycle of trying to achieve academic and personal goals, fit in well socially, all while handling the pressures of growing up and looking ahead to the future. It can be difficult to handle for the best of us.

My name is Jonathan Appiah, a child practitioner and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. With over 20 years of experience working in numerous different settings, there isn’t much I haven’t come up against. I am passionate about helping young people overcome their most challenging obstacles and help them to regain a sense of control and confidence in themselves to excel. 

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Youth Coaching

Youth coaching can be a great way to help young people on the challenging road to adulthood, helping them develop life skills, setting and achieving goals and building confidence. 

Solo Video Coaching

25 minute one-to-one focused video session, program based on your desired outcome.

Small Peer Group Coaching

Video session between up to three peers. Encourages motivation and group accountability.

Criminal Gang Coaching

Video call coaching for young people involved in gang-affiliated behaviour.

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I like to have an initial conversation over the phone or on Skype to ascertain what would be the best package for you. 

Chris Smith

Recent Client

Coaching with Jonathan really made me become more self-disciplined so I can get more of what I want out of life. He made me realise I was holding myself back with my own attitude and this helped me become more positive in my outlook. 

Rachel Fox

Clients' Parent

I found The Life Skills Advisor when I was desperately seeking help for my teenage daughter Kirsty. She suffered with such severe anxiety and refused to leave the house. The video sessions with Jonathan saved my daughter. I am so thankful. 

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